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{140723} Baekho’s Love Letter


잠들기전에 셀카 투척 :
이 모자는 이렇게 쓰는건가…. ㅋㅋㅋ안무쌤이
쓰고온 모자가 이쁘길래
써봤지만 이렇게 쓰는게맞는건지는 모르겠다…….


A selca before I’m going to sleep ||

Is this the right way to wear this hat…. ㅋㅋㅋ the hat that choreographer brought looks pretty, so I tried to wear it but I’m not sure if I wear it properly…….
It’s somehow looks good on meㅋㅋㅋ It’s nice, though?

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If I forgot someone, or is there someone I should add, please send me an message. Thank you :) 

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140720 NU’EST @ SBS Inkigayo Fanmeeting

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2014.07.21 ||
 •Baekho birthday♥ 
•[Radio] P2 Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
•[Radio] P3 Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (Guest Baekho)
•[ETV]P6 Mnet Meet & Greet Chatting event  
•[Recording] ArirangTV Simply Kpop (2nd hour)
2014.07.22 ||
•[Radio] P2 Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
•[ETC] Interview
•[Broadcast] P10 KBS2 Trot Lovers (Minhyun special appearance)

2014.07.23 ||
•[Radio] P2 Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
•[Live] P6 MBC MUSIC Show! Champion 

2014.07.24 ||
•[Radio] P2 Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
•[Fansign] P4 NU’EST The First Album [Re:BIRTH] Fansign @ HotTracks Busan branch
•[Fansign] P8 NU’EST The First Album [Re:BIRTH] Fansign @ YPBooks Daegu branch

2014.07.25 ||
•[Radio] P2 Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
•[Radio] P3  Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (Guest Minhyun)
•[Live] P6:30 KBS2 Music Bank 

2014.07.26 ||
•[Radio] P2  Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
•[Live] P3:40 MBC Show Music Core   

2014.07.27 ||
•[Radio] P2 Arirang-R MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
•[Live] P2:55 SBS Inkigayo


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  • [Radio] Arirang Radio MUSIC ACCESS (DJ Aron)
  • [Etc] Media Interview

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